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Hardware Track Course


  • Introduction to Electronics Devices and Software
  • Personal Computer and Their Components
  • PC Component and their use in PC
  • Operating System Introduction and Types of O.S.
  • Introduction to CUI and GUI Interfaces- Basic Commands for managing files and common Task
  • Various Computing I/O Devices Introduction and their usage
  • Microprocessors : CPU Characteristics and comparisons -2
  • Microprocessors : CPU Characteristics and comparisons -2
  • Motherboard: Intro., Types Of M.B. Earlier and Today-1
  • Motherboard: - Expansion Slots, Ports, BIOS, UEFI -2
  • RAM:- Intro., Types of RAM and their Benefits
  • Permanent Storage Device: Introduction To Various Storage Devices.
  • Optical Drive: Types of Drive and storage Media.
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  • Introduction to Network, Its Benefits & Basics
  • Types Of Network and Its Usage and Importance
  • Introduction To Wireless Network & Its Benfits
  • Network Communication Models :-----OSI
  • Network Communication Models :-----TCP/IP
  • Destructure in c++
  • Various Network Components
  • Understanding Network Toplogy :--Physical & Logical
  • NIC Overview & Ethernet Specification
  • Various Networking Device and its Benefits & Comparisions-1
  • Exception handling in c++
  • Various Networking Device and its Benefits & Comparisions-2
  • LAN Cable Wiring Standards and Installation Understanding
  • WAN Technology and Different connection Types
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